Adding Nameservers in Plesk

These steps are required in order to have your own functional nameservers. Please let us know if this is helpful or not.

To start, you’ll have to login to Plesk with your username (admin), and password you received after signing up.
To modify DNS entries, click on the ‘Server’ link on the left side of your control panel. Following, please click on the ‘DNS’ icon to modify and create your entries.

To create your name server in Plesk, Add a New DNS Record, specifying Record type as A.
Now, it’s time to create nameserver. You can virtually name this anything you’d like, most people go for “ns1”. To setup nameserver 1, enter in ‘ns1’ in the ‘Enter domain name’ field. Enter the IP address that you would like to assign to nameserver 1. Click on the ‘OK’ button to save your changes, and you’ll once again return to the main DNS Management screen. You can repeat the steps above for ns2.

After these steps, we’re going to create the actual nameservers for your server. Please note: the steps above are required for this to function correctly. Once again, add a New DNS Record, but selecting the Record Type as NS this time.Leave the “Enter domain name” field blank, Enter in the “Enter nameserver” field. Replace with your actual domain,
Proceed by clicking the ‘OK’ button.

The record will be successfully created. You’ll return to the DNS Management screen, and repeat for ns2.

After you’re done, remember to register these new nameservers with your registrar also.

Wayne Egerer

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