Windows Server 2008 Master Tips – A Guide to Turning Off IE Enhanced Security Features

If you are new to using a Windows Server 2008 VPS, you are going to need to turn off Internet Explorers enhanced security mode. Turning off the aforementioned feature will ensure you won’t run into the problem of not being able to download files in IE (Internet explorer). Additionally, to complete all of your admin or dev tasks, IE enhanced security gets in the way and frankly, serves only to annoy. As such, here is a quick guide to shutting off IE enhanced security.

  1. Locate and enter in “Server Management”
  2. Find “Security Information”
  3. Locate “Configure IE ESC”. It will be in the top right corner of the “Security Information” section. Click on “Configure IE ESC”.
  4. You have your choice to either disable IE Enhanced Security as either an Administrator or a User. The choice is yours. Turn off IE Enhanced Security.
  5. Click “OK”.
  6. To make sure the changes are in working order, restart IE.

Configure IE to turn off Enhanced Security Features

Turn Off IE Enhanced Security

Brad Leibowitz

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