How To Upgrade Your VPS

In this short how to Solar VPS SolarSystem “How To” guide, we are going to cover the step by step process of upgrading your existing VPS to have a greater allotment of compute resources. This tutorial applies to both Windows VPS and Linux VPS Pods within the SolarSystem. Additionally, this tutorial applies to all operating systems within the SolarSystem.

  1. Log In To the SolarSystem.

    Login to the SolarSystem
  2. From the “Pods: My Pods” screen, click on the “Manage” button located adjacent to the SolarSystem Pod you wish to upgrade.

    SolarSystem My Pods
  3. From the specified “Pods” interface, click on the “Upgrade” button located on the top right side of the web portal.

    VPS Pods Control Panel
  4. From the “Configure Server” portal, modify your SolarSystem Pod resources. You can modify Memory, Disk Space, Bandwidth, CPU Cores, IP Addresses and Disaster Recovery totals.

    Solar VPS Pod Modifcation
  5. Once done, click “Modify”. Once clicked, your modification will be applied to your VPS.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SolarSystem Pod upgrade, please leave your comments below. Thanks much.

Brad Leibowitz

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