How To Install NTP Server on Centos 6

In this how to we will be installing the NTP (network time protocol) daemon.

We first start by installing ntp:

yum -y install ntp

Now we will configure NTP to start on bootup.

chkconfig ntpd on

Lets now make sure our time is up to date on our server:


You should see an output like:

# ntpdate
 6 Mar 12:39:40 ntpdate[19226]: step time server offset 2.464276 sec

Now lets start the NTP service:

service ntpd start

Congrats, you have now configured your server as a NTP Server.

Wayne Egerer

2 Responses to “How To Install NTP Server on Centos 6”

  1. Reply Chuck

    Dont you need a cron job to ntpdate your service once in a while to an external source ?

    • Reply Yaz Hernandez

      Chuck, you don’t need a cronjob. The ntpd service takes care of that. Cheers

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