What is SolarRay Monitoring?

SolarRay Monitoring is the internally developed, Solar VPS website uptime – website downtime – monitoring solution. SolarRay was designed to monitor your websites and alert you, the user, when your websites experience downtime of any kind. And the best aspect of SolarRay Monitoring? It’s free. Yeap, SolarRay Monitoring is free for every SolarSystem traveler. Moreover, every SolarSystem traveler gets 5 free SolarRay Monitors per purchased VPS.

What Are the Specifics of SolarRay Monitoring?

SolarRay Monitoring includes the following solutions:

  1. 24/7/365 Monitoring
  2. Downtime Email Notifications
  3. Sensitivity Threshold
  4. Downtime Logging
  5. Geo Sensitive Monitoring
  6. Multiple Scan Intervals
  7. Test Monitoring From Various Ports
  8. Alerting Contacts of Downtime

In addition to the listed solutions, we are currently working on proactive support, SMS notifications, a SolarRay reseller control panel, monitoring from three additional locations and SNMP monitoring.

How Do I Utilize SolarRay Monitoring

Using SolarRay Monitoring is simple. To access SolarRay Monitoring, follow this simple guide:

  1. Login to the SolarSystem
  2. SolarSystem Login
    SolarSystem Login
  3. Click on the SolarRay Tab
  4. SolarRay Monitoring Screen
    SolarRay Monitoring Screen
  5. Click “Add New Monitor”. Once inside the aforementioned section, set up your monitor
  6. Set up SolarRay Monitoring
    Set up SolarRay Monitoring
  7. Make sure to enter your monitor name
  8. SolarRay Monitoring Monitor Name
    SolarRay Monitoring Monitor Name
  9. Click submit on the bottom of the screen. Your monitor is now up and running
  10. SolarRay Monitor Established
    SolarRay Monitor Established

Now that your monitor is established, you can set up additional SolarRay Monitors, alert contacts, inspect downtime logs and define your search criteria for downtime logging through various ports and times. Additionally, if you want to deactivate your monitor, the option to do so can be found under the “Monitors” and “Alert Contacts” tab.

SolarRay Monitoring Deactiviation
SolarRay Monitoring Deactiviation

Lastly, if you want to check the status of all your monitors in one place, the SolarRay Monitoring “Home” tab provides that feedback through the listing of “critical notifications”. Although we currently do not have any notifications to speak of, when some arise – a monitor which is experiencing downtime – the notification will show on the “Home” tab.

SolarRay Monitoring Critical Notifications
SolarRay Monitoring Critical Notifications

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SolarRay Monitoring which we haven’t answered, please leave us some feedback and we will be happy to assist.

Brad Leibowitz

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