What are your Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service?

Before you open an account on our Solar System, you should be aware of AUP and TOS, which can be found at the following location:

Solar VPS SolarSystem AUP & TOS

About Solar VPS SolarSystem Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service (AUP & TOS)

SolarVPS would like to keep our network free and clear of any sort of activity that would compromise the integrity of our clients ability to server web pages, upload and download as well as deliver mail properly without impedance.

Our AUP and TOS lists in details the types of activity that are not allowed to run on our network.

Solar VPS SolarSystem Abuse Department

We have a dedicated Abuse Department staff that addresses any complaints that come in to us regarding such activities as spam, malware, phishing pages, torrent sites and DOS attacks and acts immediately to resolve these issues with our customers in order to keep the network clean and usable for all our clients, present and future.

If we do not get a response within the allotted time for removal, we will suspend the server in question to prevent further issues from arising.

We strive to keep a clean bill of health for our network.

Steve Bley

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