What Add-Ons Come with the SolarSystem?

SolarSystem Add-Ons

The SolarSystem comes with the following add-ons for any purchased VPS:

    SolarRay Monitoring

  1. SolarRay Monitoring – SolarRay Monitoring is our FREE internally developed website downtime monitoring solution. The solution offers 24/7/365 Website Monitoring, Doentime email Notifications, Email Notification Consolidation, Sensitivity Threshold, Downtime logging. Every SolarSystem traveler receives 5 free SolarRay Monitors per purchased VPS. To learn more about the full SolarRay Monitoring offering, click “What is SolarRay Monitoring?.
  2. SolarSystem A.I. – SolarSystem A.I. is our FREE internally developed One-Click Cloud App installer of over 250+ Cloud Apps. Apps range from blogging, ecommerce, analytics, educational, gaming, database etc. SolarSystem A.I. is designed to make the installation and setup of your Cloud applications as easy as possible. For the vast majority of applications, from the moment you login to the SolarSystem to the second an application installed, the process takes no longer than 40 seconds. SolarSystem A.I. is damn quick and easy to use. To learn more about SolarSystem A.I. – the exact Cloud Apps we support, how to install SolarSystem A.I., how to use SolarSystem A.I. etc, click, “One Click Application Installs (A.I.)
  3. Plesk and cPanel Control Panels – Plesk and cPanel are widely held as the industry standard for web hosting control panels. Offering clients the ability to upload and manage web pages, create email account, install web based apps, back up data, view site analytics etc., both Plesk and cPanel make web hosting easy. It should be noted, our Plesk and cPanel offerings run $10 per month per VPS and are available with SolarSystem Mission Control.
  4. SolarSystem Mission Control – SolarSystem Mission Control is Solar VPS Managed Support for both Windows and Linux VPS solutions. SolarSystem Mission control offers clients the avenue to be in contact with a member of our support team 24/7/365, migrate existing data from control panel to control panel, maintenance & troubleshooting of all industry standard services running on a single Cloud VPS (ex. Apache/llS, PHP/.Net, Exim/Postfix, DNS & Email), assistance identifying abuse accounts etc. It should be noted, SolarSystem Mission Control runs $35 per month per VPS and it runs on a minimum term of three months. To learn more about Mission Control, visit our Mission Control page.

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