Why Did My SolarSystem VPS Account Get Flagged As Fraud?

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I’m Not a Fraudster. Why Was My SolarSystem VPS Flagged as Fraud?

First we want to say if you’re not a fraudster, we are sorry for the inconvenience of being marked as such. We know how annoying it can be to be accused of something you are not. It’s very annoying. Now, that being said, Solar VPS maintains a benchmark standard to determine who is and who isn’t marked as fraud. We do this to protect ourselves against evil fraudsters who want nothing more than to trick Solar VPS into supplying free solutions for a given amount of time. As you wouldn’t want to be defrauded, we don’t either.

With that out of the way, here are the reasons you will be automatically flagged as fraud upon sign up.

Fraud Reasons

  1. Free Email Accounts – If you sign up for Solar VPS using a free email account (GMail, HotMail, Yahoo! Mail etc.) your account will automatically be flagged as fraud. We hold this policy because a free email account is very easy to establish and use for false intentions. It should be noted: Although free email accounts are automatically flagged as fraud, our team will look into your account to determine if the account is active and indeed a real email account. If it proves to be so, or you provide us evidence showing such, Solar VPS will allow your free email account.
  2. Using an Open Proxy – Like free email accounts, using an open proxy when signing up for a SolarSystem Pod will automatically get your account flagged as fraud.
  3. Phone Numbers Outside of the Area Code/IP Address – We will flag an account as fraud if the phone number used on the account has a different area code than the gerographic location of signup. The same goes for IP addresses. If your IP addresses shows you to be in Chicago yet your phone number locates you in London, we will flag the account as fraud.
  4. IP From Different Country, State, City – Like the phone number, if you’re IP address is located in a different country, city or state from which your account is registered, Solar VPS will flag the account as fraud.

If Your Account if Flagged as Fraud, will Solar VPS Alert You?

Yes. If your new Solar VPS account is flagged as fraud we will alert you via email with an explanation as to why your account was marked as fraud and we will ask you to rectify the situation by providing Solar VPS with the following information:

How to Remove Your Account as Fraud

In the event of your account being flagged as fraud, you can resolve the issue by following these steps:

  1. Via Email, provide Solar VPS with a valid ID showing both sides of the ID
  2. Via Email, provide Solar VPS with a valid CC, both front and back

Important Fraud Notes

  1. PayPal – Solar VPS allows you to pay for your solution with a PayPal account however the PayPal account has to be verified. If the PayPay account is unverified, upon sign up, the account will be flagged as fraud. To rectify this issue, your PayPal account must be verified or you can change your payment method to a valid credit card.
  2. Across the Board Fraud Checking – Regardless of how squeaky clean you are, Solar VPS checks every new account for fraud. To insure our accounts are valid, we check every account for the possibility of fraud. Not all accounts will be marked as fraud, but all accounts will be checked for fraud.

Note: If you have any questions about the Solar VPS fraud policy, contact the Solar VPS billing team at: billing@solarvps.com or leave your questions below and we will answer them A.S.A.P. Thanks.

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