How To Order cPanel Control Panel

cPanel Control Panel is a needed management platform for any Linux Cloud VPS or web hosting solution. With it’s excellent management options, cPanel Control Panel supplies users with an avenue to easily administer, manage and control their Linux VPS. In the SolarSystem, cPanel Control Panel is offered for the following Windows OS’s (operating systems):

  1. CentOS 5
  2. CentOS 6

To order cPanel control panel for your SolarSystem Linux Cloud Pod, you can either order cPanel Control Panel via the initial order process from inside the SolarSystem store or you can add it after the initial check out process by contacting the Solar VPS billing team. Both processes are covered below.

Order cPanel Control Panel for Linux

  1. Enter the Solar VPS SolarSystem store via the “Sign Up” button located on

  2. Solar Home Page

  3. Select the “Linux” OS as your OS template of choice

  4. Linux Order Page Selection

  5. Configure the SolarSystem Pod resources you want. Choose your RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth and CPU cores. Once done, select CentOS 5 or CentOS 6 as your OS of choice

  6. Linux CentOS

  7. Complete your order process. Once finished, check out and enjoy your Linux Cloud Pod with cPanel Control Panel

The second way you can order cPanel Control Panel is through contacting the Solar VPS billing department.

How to Upgrade to cPanel Control Panel

As of right now, for SolarSystem consumers to upgrade their server to include cPanel Control Panel, consumers must contact the Solar VPS billing team at: Although we do not currently offer an in store option for upgrading your Linux VPS Pod to include cPanel Control Panel, we are currently working on an upgrade process which includes an easier on-screen cPanel Control Panel upgrade for all supported Linux OS’s.

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