How to Check Windows Uptime

The following command will pull useful information concerning your Windows VPS Uptime. In addition, the command will inform you as to the last time your Windows VPS was rebooted.

Statistics Since

  • Start -> Run -> CMD
  • net statistics server
  • You can also use the command:
  • net stats srv


Statistics since 7/4/2013 5:37:53 PM

Sessions accepted                  0
Sessions timed-out                 0
Sessions errored-out               0

Kilobytes sent                     0
Kilobytes received                 0

Mean response time (msec)          0

System errors                      0
Permission violations              0
Password violations                0

Files accessed                     0
Communication devices accessed     0
Print jobs spooled                 0

Times buffers exhausted

  Big buffers                      0
  Request buffers                  0

The command completed successfully.

Ralph Gervolino

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