How to Check Windows System Information from Command Line

When entered, the following command will pull the following system information:

  1. Hostname
  2. Install Date
  3. Product ID
  4. System Type
  5. Processor
  6. Bios Information

Note, the aformentioned list is consistent yet not limited to the information presented. The full list of information can be found below under the heading “Output”.

  1. Start -> Run -> CMD



Host Name:                 WIN-1BLEFQ5EPS5
OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
OS Version:                6.2.9200 N/A Build 9200
OS Manufacturer:           Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration:          Primary Domain Controller
OS Build Type:             Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner:          Windows User
Registered Organization:
Product ID:                xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
Original Install Date:     8/1/2013, 3:22:02 PM
System Boot Time:          8/6/2013, 2:07:45 PM
System Manufacturer:       Xen
System Model:              HVM domU
System Type:               x64-based PC
Processor(s):              1 Processor(s) Installed.
                           [01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~2000 Mhz
BIOS Version:              Xen 4.1.4, 1/18/2013
Windows Directory:         C:\Windows
System Directory:          C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device:               \Device\HarddiskVolume1
System Locale:             en-us;English (United States)
Input Locale:              en-us;English (United States)
Time Zone:                 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Total Physical Memory:     2,048 MB
Available Physical Memory: 106 MB
Virtual Memory: Max Size:  7,825 MB
Virtual Memory: Available: 3,049 MB
Virtual Memory: In Use:    4,776 MB
Page File Location(s):     C:\pagefile.sys
Domain:                    rgnix.local
Logon Server:              \\WIN-1BLEFQ5EPS5
Hotfix(s):                 46 Hotfix(s) Installed.
                           [01]: KB2729462
                           [02]: KB2736693
                           [03]: KB2737084
                           [04]: KB2742614
                           [05]: KB2742616

Network Card(s):           1 NIC(s) Installed.
                           [01]: Realtek RTL8139C+ Fast Ethernet NIC
                                 Connection Name: Ethernet
                                 DHCP Enabled:    Yes
                                 DHCP Server:
                                 IP address(es)
                                 [02]: fe80::840f:140c:9319:7d2d
Hyper-V Requirements:      A hypervisor has been detected. Features required for
 Hyper-V will not be displayed.         

Ralph Gervolino

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