How Does SolarRay Monitoring Work?

SolarSystem SolarRay Monitoring is the custom Solar VPS answer to website downtime monitoring. With SolarSystem SolarRay Monitoring, SolarSystem travelers have the ability to:

  • Conduct 24 x 7 x 365 Website Downtime Monitoring
  • Real Time Email Notifications
  • Round the Clock Monitoring from Three Geographically Diverse Locations (Clifton, NJ, Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL)
  • Conduct Sensitivity Threshold Alert Management
  • Conduct Sever Downtime Logging
  • Establish Scan Interval/Location Selections
  • Establish Multiple Ports of Monitoring
  • Determine Notification Settings
  • Set up and Conduct Simple Contact Management

How Does SolarRay Monitoring Work?

Now that you know what SolarRay Monitoring can do, it is time for us to tell you how SolarRay Monitoring actually works. SolarRay Monitoring works by allowing the user in control to establish scan intervals of 15 or 30 minutes, setting up your port of choice (ICMP – 0, HTTP – 80, HTTPS – 443, SMTP – 25, IMAP4 – 43, IMAP-SSL – 993, POP3 – 110, POP3-SSL – 995, SSH – 22, RDP – 3389, FTP – 21, MYSQL – 3306, DNS – 53, Custom TCP, Custon UDP), establishing notification settings (Send First Alert After, Send Alert After Every, Stop Sending Alerts After) and determining the order of geographically diverse scans (again, Orlando, FL, Clifton, NJ and Chicago, IL).

SolarSystem SolarRay Monitoring works in the following fashion: Once all the needed fields are filled, SolarRay Monitoring will monitor your servers at the time interval selected, from the port selected, in the order of the cities you selected to scan for any notice of downtime. If by say, on the second fifteen minute interval, SolarRay determines your second city of choice is experiencing server downtime, the system will immediately alert you to the downtime through an automated email message. It should be noted: you are sent an email notification dependent upon your field selections of when SolarRay should send you the first alert.

It’s that simple really. You select the notification settings you want and SolarRay Monitoring does the rest.

To learn how to use SolarRay Monitoring, visit out how to on “What is SolarRay Monitoring?

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